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*Transport services are only available in Edmonton & surrounding area, available only to Lonely Cars customers.


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Has the snow come too soon?

Winter can be nasty sometimes, and can often leave your car stranded at home. This trailer was made specifically for your car in mind! It has several unique features to prevent unwanted damage to your car as we pick up and deliver.


  • A specialty side door that swings open so that your driver’s door can swing open without hitting the trailer wall.
  • We use ramp extenders every time we load and unload. These, paired with the special raised floor help your car sit higher.  This creates a gentle incline to prevent your car from bottoming out or scraping the front bumper.
  • A camera monitor and displaying the drivers side tire, ensuring the car is lined up perfectly.
  • Specialty E Track straps are applied to your tire rubber. We do this without needing to lie down on the trailer floor. This prevents any suspension stress and eliminates dirty clothes entering your car.