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Wondering what you should do before/during storage?

Vehicle Insurance 
You can save hundreds on your insurance while your vehicle is stored! While you still need to be insured, you only need fire & theft insurance. That means you don't need to hold onto collision & liability. For some customers this equals free car storage! Talk with your insurance provider for the best options.

Your vehicle is very special to us, and we want to make sure it keeps running after it leaves storage. Every vehicle that is in storage gets hooked up to a Deltran battery tender. It is a smart float-type charger, with a microprocessor constantly monitoring your battery. We do not disconnect batteries except at customers request.

Since we keep our facility at a constant 20 degrees C, there aren't any issues with flat spots forming on your tires. We do not recommend putting your vehicle on jacks or over-inflating your tires. If your tire runs flat in storage we will make sure to fill it back up to the PSI recommended for your vehicle. We will also check/fill your tires to recommended PSI prior to your pick-up appointment.

Fuel/Fuel Stabilizer
A big question we get is what about the fuel in my vehicle? Modern fuels don’t break down as quickly as they used to. Having a vehicle in heated storage without frequent temperature fluctuations means you probably don’t need to add fuel stabilizer. We only add stabilizer at customer request. We also suggest making sure your fuel tank is at least 3/4 full as that will prevent unwanted moisture building up. Extra moisture will cause fuel to degrade faster. 

We recommend you clean your wheels before your vehicle enters storage. Brake dust builds up over time and is very corrosive and shouldn't sit on your wheels long-term. One tip to prevent build up is waxing your wheels. Wax builds up a surface brake dust will take longer to adhere to. 

Car Wash/Car Cover
Your vehicle should be washed prior to storing it. Built up road dirt & salt can help rust to form. Since our facility is relatively dirt/dust free we don't recommend using a car cover. In our experience the dirt particles that are on your vehicle, especially if not cleaned beforehand, can prevent unwanted scratches/swirls in your paint. Our facility also has no windows that would allow in UV light that would fade your paint and upholstery. We will always use your car cover if requested. 

Monthly Start-Up
From what the experts say, most of your engine wear happens in the first few minutes of the vehicle running. Your engine is essentially running dry until your engine fully circulates the oil. Since there are no temperature fluctuations while your vehicle is in storage, there will not be the moisture build-up in your engine that would require a frequent start-up. We don't start your vehicle monthly unless requested.


Since our opening in 2003, we have not had any issues with pests like mice and other rodents. Our facility is equipped with numerous traps along exterior/interior walls and doors. These prevent any and all rodents from getting to our customers’ vehicles. There is no need to prep your car for this beforehand with soaps, scents or traps.