Thank you for thinking of Lonely Cars!

Our facility is the perfect fit to store any type of vehicle and to keep it safe from those harsh Alberta winters. We can also accommodate long-term storage other than just winter time. We have a special place in our hearts for our Canadian Armed Forces members deploying, and we offer them priority storage and pick up and delivery options.

Access to your vehicle

We do ask that we have at least 48 hours notice before you decide to pick up or drop off your vehicle. This will ensure we will have staff on site and ample time to prepare & be ready for your arrival.

Winter storage

For those cold winter months, we do have a minimum requirement for all spots to be paid until April 30th. Your vehicle can be removed any time before that, but that spot remains yours until April 30th. This helps with ensuring we can plan out every spot accordingly, and reduces unnecessary vehicle movements. Your vehicle does not have to leave storage by April 30th; if your vehicle needs to stay longer, that is no problem at all.

Long-term storage

For anyone leaving for an extended period of time, have a classic car you want kept safe, want to simply make extra space at home, this is the perfect solution for you! We can store your vehicle for as long as you require, any time of year!

Unsure of the dos and don'ts before you store your vehicle? Click HERE to find out!

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